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Klepon Cake

Klepon cake is one of the traditional snacks that are very popular. The traditional cake recipes included in Indonesia with a traditional cake recipe category. As in other Java shortbread cookies that I make this klepon cake can be fairly easy and does not require experience in baking as in modern shortbread cookies. As the ranks of shortbread cookies traditional Javanese, then cake klepon is usually sold in markets traditional markets at very cheap price, however, with making cakes klepon yourself, then you can choose the ingredients were good quality, so the taste of the cake klepon you made will be more palatable.
As it is known that klepon cake is the traditional cake only when bitten could fire the liquid brown sugar contents, so you need to learn to eat this cake klepon. Because if you eat carelessly then the person in front of you will be shot with liquid brown sugar. In its original appearance that cake klepon usually green pandan. but you certainly could make modern creations klepon cake with colorful display.
Klepon cake in addition to snacks is also fitting for the occasion a special occasion such as selamatan family, marriage, or when social gathering, can also be lined with a sticky layer cake that is the hallmark of cake salvation. Therefore, for you are biased quickly figure out how to make it, the following ingredients:
Ingredients to make a cake colorful klepon:
• 500 grams of glutinous rice flour
• 50 ml thick coconut milk
• A few drops of pasta pandan (green), you can use any other color to some color.
• ½ teaspoon of fine salt.
• Air clean taste.
Materials for stuffing:
• ½ young coconut (grated menyerong).
• 200 grams of brown sugar sliced.
• Salt to taste.
materials stew.
• Water: adjust the pan mothers.
• pandan leaf: 2 to 3 pieces (tied)

How to make a cake klepon: • The first step in grated young coconut steamed until cooked, about 5 to 10 minutes, then add a little salt and store in a container for a while.
• Now mix (glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, a little salt) and stir stir until mixed evenly. Then add a little water until it becomes dough. Keep the mother could be rounded dough (do not get too mushy).
• Divide the dough pieces (corresponding to the color that the mother wanted)
• Now create a thumb-sized circle dots or balls jacks. Repeat until all the dough into spheres spheres.
• Next pipihkan dough and filling to taste and then enter the cover. Repeat until the dough runs out.
• Furthermore, boiled some water with a medium-size saucepan, include a bunch of pandan leaves.
• Wait until the water boils, then enter the mother homemade batter earlier.
• Wait a while until the sphere protruding upward (float / float) and a mean cake klepon has matured.
• Remove and put on grated young coconut, then roll roll up all the flat surfaces covered with grated coconut.
• Ready to be enjoyed.





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